Wonderland, March 2024
Filet Space, London, UK
Tirannia by Salvatory Pione
 Affirmation 1. Everybody enjoys what feels good by Katia Kesić
Mum Locker A7443DT by Ty Locke
 Shoes by Alice Wong
A frame in a frame in a frame in a frame by George Richardson
Kite by Yijia Wu
Lovely Things by Inés Buchanan
Wonderland, March 2024
Filet Space, London, UK
Wonderland, March 2024
Filet Space, London, UK

Curated by Rita Osipova & Olivia England

27– 31 March 2024
Filet Gallery, 103 Murray Grove, London
FT: Alice Wong, George Richardson, Inés Buchanan, Katia Kesić, Salvatore Pione, Ty Locke & Yijia Wu

Wonderland delves into a nostalgia utopia, each artist's works serving as intricate landscapes for the quotidian. The audience is led to weave amongst the recollections and reminiscences of what it truly means to yearn for familiar comforts, enveloped in a rich tapestry of memories that engender a profound yearning for the embrace of the domestic. Wonderland poses the question of what 'home' truly means to those residing and migrating to London.

The show offers a deep dive into the essence of everyday life. It beckons viewers to contemplate the yearning for familiarity and challenges the concept of 'home' for both London's residents and newcomers. Sheer pale curtains adorn the gallery walls, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that stands in contrast to a typical white cube gallery.

In essence, Wonderland serves as a diverse artistic expression and exploration of the nuances within the everyday and the evolving meaning of "home." It provides a platform for emerging artists to share their perspectives and fosters deeper understandings of how personal and collective identities are shaped by the ordinary aspects of life.

Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)