Rita Osipova is a multi-disciplinary artist who resides and creates in Rotterdam and London. Her artistic practice encompasses a wide array of mediums, including sculpture, installation, photography, painting, and poetry.

Drawing inspiration from various scientific fields such as modern anthropology, archaeology, neurobiology, and neuropsychology, Osipova combines these influences with her poetic language to construct narratives that are rich in layers and evoke intense visceral experiences. Her immersive installations and sculptures serve as documentation of the ongoing social transformations influenced by digitalization.

“My intent has always been to make immersive works that transport us to complex feelings, situations, and phenomena. I like to straddle the line between real and fictional worlds – creating a poetic yet visceral experience.

Recent work investigates the emotional journey one undergoes through various online (social) media, using installation, photography, video and sculpture strung on a thin thread of sound. I aim to break the boundaries between the physical and digital creating otherworldly dimensions.”